Until Goddess Class reflected my beauty back to me, I didn’t know how powerful I was.


My evolution was huge. As a result of Goddess Class, I became aware of how much power I have in my own life – how strong my own desires can be – how much space I can take up – and how beautiful I am.

Being in a group of women is really magical. I relished in being witnessed and held by others in new practices of softening and dropping into pleasure. I manifested a new beautiful condo through class. I sang my desires to my group every month and suddenly it was happening. I manifested a beautiful home through Goddess Class.

In Goddess Class I witnessed the power of bringing women together in a super safe container. I feel like my capacity to experience my own deep emotions became stronger by witnessing other women move their stories through their bodies and feeling anything that is up to be danced, healed, and reorganized is totally safe for me. I didn’t know that was possible in a group of women to have such sisterhood and bonding.

I now relate to the Goddess of desire who brings enlightenment, deep wholeness, deep presence and deep ok ness. I feel like I will never be done taking Goddess Class. It’s the beginning to a really beautiful journey.

Ignite your divine spark and discover the Goddess in you. Goddess Class is an intuitively curated group of 8 women and attendance is by application only.

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