Goddess Class gave me the ability to be in my body in a way that was not possible for me before.


It starts with my physical body. Before class I was desiring more connection to my body and feeling so many blocks. I now experience my body is an oracle and am able to hear her and know what she is saying in a way that now empowers my life.

And I also learned to connect to a body of women of women in class.

The power of women coming together is so amazing. We learn to connect with women in class by seeing each other’s beauty. It is a place of support where we can say “I see your strengths, I see your beauty and I’m going to celebrate it because it doesn’t diminish me.”

I found my tribe and I found my people where I feel I belong and there is no part of me that doesn’t belong. It is a safe space for me to work with my shadow and to speak the feelings of anger and hurt I never felt able to say before. And it is a space of women recognizing each other for our strengths and to be seen in our Goddess nature.

Ignite your divine spark and discover the Goddess in you. Goddess Class is an intuitively curated group of 8 women and attendance is by application only.

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