I can now allow myself to be seen. The safety and sisterhood allowed me to go wider in the world.


I am a very private person and need to feel safe before I allow myself to be seen by others. It is hard for me to know who I can trust and sometimes it can take years for me to create friendships. I also recently moved to a new state and was starting over. I was looking at the possibility of going to go it alone for a really long time before finding a new tribe.

Enter Goddess Class.

The container of class was so safe. I was able to to deeper and not worry about how I would be seen by others. And in a matter of a few classes, I was able to connect to a group of women that I know I can count on and now have a true tribe in my new city.

I discovered that all I needed for sisterhood was safety. And this is allowed me to be seen in a new way.

The safety and sisterhood allowed me to go deeper in myself. I discovered self awareness and self acceptance. I do not worry about what other people think of me anymore. I now put my own needs first and boldly ask for what I desire.

The safety and sisterhood also allowed me to go wider in the world. What started as showing myself to my class expanded into showing myself to the world as I started to write the book I always dreamed of writing.

Ignite your divine spark and discover the Goddess in you. Goddess Class is an intuitively curated group of 8 women and attendance is by application only.

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