Ignite your divine spark

practices of the divine feminine both ancient and new. Each class surrounds you in the sights, sounds, scents and symbols of the Goddess and teaches you the practices that give you the access point to the divine in you.

Goddess Class

comes together for one weekend a month over 5 months. Each weekend immerses you in the perfect blend of sensuality, spirituality and sisterhood to ignite your divine spark and awaken the Goddess in you.

Discover your divine nature and turn on your power to call in your desires in a sacred container that is grounded in total safety.

What is Goddess Class?

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Sensuality simply means being tuned into your senses and sensation. Sensuality comes in many delightful forms: a shower of bold, colorful, fragrant petals, the deep, warm, sweet taste of chocolate, the nurturing, soft caress of feathers. Sensuality practices light up your body, turn up your senses, turn on your aliveness and turn up your desire.


Just as you have a sensual (physical) body, you also have a spiritual body. Your spiritual body is made of the energy that flows to you, through you and from you as described thousands of years ago by the chakra system. In goddess class, we give you an embodied experience of your chakra system to open and balance the flow of energy in your spiritual body so you can shine brightly.


Sisterhood is an essential ingredient of healing. There are some things we can only heal with others. But we cannot go there if we are not safe. Kristen is an expert at creating safe containers where women can heal together. By carefully curating her classes and creating clear agreements, she provides a container that allows for deep vulnerability, intimacy and healing.

To learn more, please watch the 3-part video series “Ignite Your Divine Spark.”

Goddess Class is an intuitively curated group of 8 women and attendance is by application only.

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